# On January 24, 2021, at Room A.001 (University of Social Sciences and Humanities (USSH) – VNU-HCM – Dinh Tien Hoang Campus), “Global Youth Engagement Forum 2021: Lives after COVID-19” has achieved a myriad of remarkable successes. In fact, this is the first forum organized by students to be conducted on the online platform Google Meet.

The International Global Youth Engagement Forum 2021 is held by the International Affairs Division of the Youth Union of the USSH-VNU and the International Exchange Club (IEC). Choosing the topic “Lives after COVID-19”, the organizers hope to provide students with an academic platform to voice out their opinions on the positive and negative impacts of the epidemic on the world generally and on Viet Nam specifically. Hence, we – young people bear the responsibility to seek for innovative models and solutions in order to adapt and develop ourselves in terms of culture, environment, technology, etc. in the present context.

The forum is honoured to welcome distinguished guests:

From the side of the Standing Committee of the Youth Union – the Secretariat of the Student Union and the comrades from universities in VNU-HCM:

  • Mr Truong Van An – Deputy Secretary of the Youth Union of USSH;
  • Mr Ly Tuan Anh – Member of the Standing Committee of Youth Union, Chairman of the Union of Students of USSH;
  • Mr Nguyen The Duc Tam – Deputy Secretary of the Youth Union of the University of Economics and Law.

From the side of guests who are the speakers, host and moderators:

  • MPP. Vu Thanh Cong – Guest speaker;
  • Mr. Tran Giang – Host of the Group Discussion;
  • MSc. Nguyen Tuan Nghia – Moderator of Education;
  • Ms. Phan Tuong Yen – Moderator of Mental Health;
  • Ms. Nguyen Tran Mai Tram – Moderator of Culture;
  • Ms. Nguyen Ngoc Thu – Moderator of Environment ;
  • Mr. Duong Huu Thang – Moderator of Technology and Engineering.

Together with 35 delegates from many universities in VNU-HCM and other schools in Ho Chi Minh City; colleges in the Philippines, Laos, Thailand, Indonesia, Japan, the conference also had the attendance of more than 50 students joining as audiences.

After the opening speech from Mr Ly Tuan Anh, delegates, as well as students, gave heed to a very impressive and detailed sharing of MPP. Vu Thanh Cong about “The big picture of COVID-19 and its consequences for the world”. Not only did he give students an in-depth overview of the epidemic progress, but he also introduced Vietnam’s achievements and policies with the dual goal of “preventing epidemics but still recovering economic development”.

With regard to the epidemic and social isolation period, MPP. Thanh Cong shared: “This is the time for us to look back and reflect on ourselves. In fact, we had quite a lot of time to do so while the COVID-19 pandemic was rampant. And, if you can take advantage of this time, you can ponder over and re-evaluate your goals, desires, or even values. Who you are, what you want, how you can get it. This is when you can find your answers to those questions.”

MPP. Vu Thanh Cong shared his speech on the topic “The big picture of COVID-19 pandemic and its impacts in the world”

After the program, the delegates were divided into discussion groups corresponding with the topics selected in the single round. Each delegate proactively gives his opinion as well as practical solutions to solve the difficulties of young people in the current difficult period. Under the professional guidance of the chairperson and coordinators, the discussion and report were very active and heated.

Group Discussion Session
Group Mental Health presented ideas about Pros and Cons of COVID-19 pandemic in the field of mental health.
Mr. Tran Giang – Host of the Group Discussion summarised all ideas given by the delegates

Phan Khanh Duy – a delegate from the University of Social Sciences and Humanities – VNU-HCM commented: “Despite the fact that the program is organized online for the first time, it runs very smoothly without any technical problems. I feel that it has generalized many broad issues such as tourism and environmental protection during the COVID-19 pandemic.”

All the delegates joined virtually on the platform of Google Meet

Through the program, the students have a chance to participate in international exchanges which may last in a new normal period, with several schools in the country and other institutions overseas, thus being able to seek and build initiatives for activities in various areas after the epidemic is under control.